Community Advisory Committee (CAC) Meeting- Thursday, April 11th, 2019, 6PM – 8PM

Thursday, April 11th, 2019, 6PM – 8PM

Lafayette Senior Center, 103 S. Iowa Avenue

About the Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

In addition to Lafayette residents’ input throughout the Comprehensive Plan process, a Community Advisory Committee was formed to provide guidance to the overall process. The members of the CAC will play an important role in supporting the completion of the new Comprehensive Plan for the City of Lafayette.

This role includes:

Serving as a source of information and input for the Comprehensive Plan project team across a variety of topics related to the Comprehensive Plan.

Serving in an advisory role to the project team as the Comprehensive Plan progresses throughout the process.

Assisting with outreach to the community, including spreading the word concerning the latest news and events from the Comprehensive Plan process, to various groups and constituencies in Lafayette.


Introductions of Consultant Team, CAC members, City staff (6:00 – 6:20)

Presentation: What is Legacy Lafayette? (6:20 – 6:40)

  • Key Components of Comprehensive Plan
  • Background: Previous Plans and Studies
  • Overview of Process and Schedule

Overview of Community Engagement Strategy (6:40 – 7:15)

  • Summary of Key Tools of Community Engagement
  • Summary / Discussion of Key Stakeholder Groups
  • Discussion of Multi-Cultural Outreach
  • Review of Options / Candidates for Focus Groups
  • Discussion: CAC Support of the Community Engagement Effort

Discussion of Key Goals for Legacy Lafayette Effort (7:15 – 7:45)

  • Facilitated Discussion of the Key Goals of the Lafayette Community for
  • Legacy Lafayette (including Sustainability, Community Character, etc.)

Preview of Upcoming Meetings and Events (7:45 – 8:00)

  • CAC Meeting No. 2 (5/9/19)
  • Rollout of Legacy Lafayette Survey (5/20/19)
  • Initial Focus Group Meetings (May – June)
  • 1st Community Input Meeting (6/20/19)

Members of the Community Advisory Committee:

Abby Boyd
Adam Gianola
Alfredo Alvarado
Amy DeBay
Anthony Viers
Chad Parsons
Crystal Launder
Dave Heinrich
Debbie Cook
Guy Higgins
Heidi Mallon
Isadora Seo Bezerra de Lima
John Painter
Jonathan Bent
Karen Norback
Kim Dugan
Lauren Motley
Luke Arrington
Lynn Riedel
Olivia Ameigh
Richard Welty