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What ideas do you have to reduce the level of traffic congestion in the Lafayette area?  



What ideas do you have to reduce the level of traffic congestion in the Lafayette area?

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  • Improve bikeways from outer lying communities to downtown area, shopping area on s. Boulder road and shopping area on Baseline and 287 including library and Rec center , especially areas west of 287 which is especially dangerous and difficult to traverse.
  • Bikeways west of 287 need to be better connected w bikeways east to 287 heading to above areas. 
  • improve bike lockup stations in those areas 
  • improve bus access to downtown areas - Lafayette shuttle similar to Hop In boulder

I agree with Vicki. Enhanced bike infrastructure is low hanging fruit to reduce congestion in downtown Lafayette. If people felt more comfortable and safe riding bikes into, throughout and from Lafayette, there would be fewer cars. Here are some concrete ideas

  • repaint bikelane lines or sharrows. These lines are fading in many places (e.g. S. Public and Emma). These lines are so faint that motorist may have difficulty seeing them and respecting cyclists
  • Design a route that links S. Public to the Coal Creek Trail. The Coal Creek trail is an excellent community asset - well used by many cyclists. However, it is difficult to connect between the trail and downtown without navigating busy roads. Having a well marked route with bike lanes or sharrows would facilitate connectivity. 
  • Additional bike lock ups

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