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What ideas do you have to support local businesses and smaller businesses in Lafayette?  



What ideas do you have to support local businesses and smaller businesses in Lafayette?

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At my small business located in the Atlas Valley Shopping Center (Arapahoe and 95th St), we started to see declining sales when the Car Show once-monthly Saturday event was asked to relocate because it had gotten too big and posed a liability to our landlord (about 4-5 years ago).  That same economic impact has been felt by many of the merchants and we would like to see and hear how the city of Lafayette plans to address the issue.  Now with the after-effects of COVID-19 on consumer spending and frequency of going out to dine and shop, we expect to see an even tougher situation with re-opening our businesses and keeping them open.  

Lafayette businesses near and along S. public Rd, along S. Boulder Rd, and along 287 from Arapahoe to Dillon Rd/NW Parkway have high visibility and the city has focused attention on these areas.  I hope that city's plans to promote and highlight our business community are implemented quickly because we are in danger of becoming even more invisible with the large scale development going on at 287 and Arapahoe.  

I would be happy to join this discussion with our mayor, city planners, council members, other merchants in our center and our neighboring shopping center on North Park, our landlord and residents of the surrounding neighborhoods.  A number of us merchants already have ideas for uses of the Atlas Valley parking lot, roads, paths, and the patch of open space between Arapahoe and the YMCA.  What we need to know in terms of what can be done to increase visibility and actual traffic is what's viable now, what can be implemented in the near future, what would be most beneficial and sustainable for the good of the businesses, neighborhoods and city.


Nicole Plotkin, Super Mini Walnut Cafe

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