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How can sustainability tie to the various elements of the Comprehensive Plan (such as Land Use, Transportation, Open Space, Environmental Quality, and Economic Development)?  



How can sustainability tie to the various elements of the Comprehensive Plan (such as Land Use, Transportation, Open Space, Environmental Quality, and Economic Development)?

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I don't think it's a question of how sustainability can tie to the other elements of the Comprehensive Master Plan, it's a question of acknowledging that sustainability must tie to the other elements.  All moving parts are tied to all moving parts -- what that means is that everything has some degree of connectedness/dependence on on everything else.  Lafayette has limited resources.  Even if we had a billion dollars year, it would still be limited to that billion dollars.  What that means is that we have to consider tow critical items (in addition to all the other stuff that we have to consider in allocating public resources):

1.  How will people actually respond to an initiative?  Not how "should" people respond, but how will they most likely respond.  There is a wry observation about endangered species, "I have a gun and a shovel."  A property owner who finds an endangered species on her property has that gun and that shovel and it;s a lot easier for her to shoot the critter and bury it than to suffer the loss of the use of that property.  Not the intended result, but the actual one.  Obviously, not always, but the point is valid.

2.  What is the system within which an initiative will take effect and what are all of the factors that influence the results?  These things are hard, but a failure to consider all the influencing factors leads to those nasty unintended consequences. 

Hope is not a strategy - neither is wishing.  We have to put in the really hard work, including research into the experiences of other cities and whether or not those experiences are applicable to Lafayette.


We need to look at requiring and encouraging smart and enviro friendly technology on any new development: Using water to cool and heat homes (geo thermal), solar, also many more charging stations for electric cars. I also think we need to consider creating a car-free pedestrian area in old town. Any approved new housing developments should be done with very low additional traffic congestion. We also need to make smart decisions that require wildlife habitat preservation before it's too late and we lose what makes Lafayette so livable. And we should create a wildlife advisory group to protect resources.


Sustainability Evolution

Foster an engaged community (create more ways for the community to get involved)

Open up Governance to include more community input and ownership

 Prioritize green building including intentional (grouped resource) communities and SDU's, in addition to reduction of resource use

Change to “Form Based” zoning/building code to reduced demolish/re-build redevelopment projects

Set and fund waste reduction goals for water, energy, trash, including recycling due to loss of international infrastructure

Create a public/private/NGO partnership to reuse and/or recycle materials within the local and nearby communities

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” Coaching program to educate and encourage behavior change

Public/private/NGO support for low income community members to participate in sustainability goals

Develop walk/bike/scooter infrastructure in non-car passages to interconnect all city neighborhoods and retail centers

Create a public/private/NGO partnership to run a local circulator "bus" to interconnect all city neighborhoods and retail centers 

Create public/private/NGO partnerships to support positive, action encouraging educational, philosophical, and policy focused art events and exhibits


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