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The Legacy Lafayette Process and Schedule

The City of Lafayette is initiating an interactive process to develop a new Comprehensive Plan for the community by mid-2020 following the steps below. The overall approach is to collect data concerning the current conditions in Lafayette at the beginning of the process, while also gathering input from the community through a variety of meetings, forums, and tools – including this website.

Data from the Community Assessment Survey and input from residents will contribute to the creation of alternatives on a variety of topics for the community to consider. This input will lead to the creation of “preferred” elements of the Comprehensive Plan for various planning topics including transportation, land use, housing, etc. Input from stakeholders will ultimately lead to preferred, and final, versions of the Legacy Lafayette Comprehensive Plan document. The effort will draw from input from a full range of stakeholders and technical information throughout the process. The thoughts and opinions of everyone in Lafayette will contribute to the success of creating a Legacy Lafayette plan that reflects the vision and desires of Lafayette for the next few decades.

  • Project Kickoff and Initiation – March 2019
  • Community Assessment Survey – Late Spring 2019
  • Round 1 Community Workshop – TBD
  • Various Community Engagement Methods (events, local stores/destinations, online, etc) – Ongoing
  • Preparation of Conceptual Alternatives and Approaches – TBD
  • Round 2 Community Workshop (to Review Key Alternatives) – TBD
  • Creation of Preferred Plan Elements – TBD
  • Round 3 Community Workshop (to Review Preferred Elements of the Plan) – TBD
  • Draft Version of the Comprehensive Plan – TBD
  • Review of Comprehensive Plan Draft Document – TBD
  • Final Version of the Comprehensive Plan – Summer 2020

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