Members of the community attended a second community meeting for Legacy Lafayette on November 18th. This page includes the content and survey questions from a “Passport” that participants used to visit different stations, with presentation boards on different topics (Connected Community, Community Character, Strong Economy, Environmental Stewardship). We welcome everyone to review this information and take the survey. This survey will remain open through January 31st, 2020.

The community provided input via a Community Survey, a Launch Party, and a series of Stakeholder Meetings, on the general direction of Lafayette, in Summer 2019. The project team has drawn from this input to create a set of Illustrative Concepts, to highlight different directions for the evolution of Lafayette, over the next 20 years. The concepts illustrate different approaches to how various areas in the community may change, and how the transportation network and system of parks and open spaces would tie with how different areas of Lafayette may

What these Concepts represent:

• Different perspectives for how different intersections and potential areas of change may evolve, and how much they may change
• Different perspectives for how local and regional transportation improvements and routes may serve Lafayette
• Different perspectives for the amount and orientation of parks and open space in different areas around Lafayette

What these Concepts are NOT:

• They do not represent land use alternatives, or formal alternatives for
transportation and open space
• They do not represent any formal ideas or proposals for development, or for
projects on any given parcel or area in the City

Importantly, we will draw from ALL input on these Concepts over the next few months, to develop a preliminary Preferred Direction for the Comprehensive Plan. It is possible that the Preferred Direction will not tie directly to Concept A, B, or C, but instead include combinations of elements from various Concepts. We welcome all of your input on what you like, and don’t like, regarding these Concepts and the ideas expressed on the presentation boards from the second community meeting (see the Project Documents tab of the Legacy Lafayette website).


Illustrative Concept A largely follows the existing patterns and processes that guide how different areas of Lafayette evolve and incorporate improvements. Highlights of Illustrative Concept A are as follows:

• Largely reactive, rather than proactive, to development proposals made to
the City
• Welcomes development proposals and companies as they approach the City for economic development, as opposed to prioritizing the pursuit of particular companies / industries, or types of development, desired by the City
• Implements the recently adopted Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (PROS) plan, but does not directly link park and open space enhancements with new developments or projects
• Relies on the private sector to help reach sustainability goals
• Uses existing City codes and design standards
• Relies on RTD and outside partners to improve transit service and transportation connections in Lafayette


Illustrative Concept B envisions more significant evolution of various areas around Lafayette into a series of Community Activity Centers (CACs), with distinct character and amenities for different parts of town. It assumes a more proactive role by the City in shaping how different parts of Lafayette evolve and how transportation, parks and open space, and economic development tie together.

• Anticipates the potential for the creation of several new character districts
of infill development, around Lafayette
• Assumes the City will be more proactive and strategic in pursuing its
economic development goals
• Assumes the City will be more proactive in pursuing strategies to provide
housing for various household types and price points
• Envisions the creation of local transit or shuttle service to connect different
parts of Lafayette, as well as a “micro transit” route to frequently move
people up and down Public Road
• Assumes the City will be proactive in shaping the character of development


Illustrative Concept C anticipates some limited growth in Lafayette, but  largely assumes that most of the vacant parcels on the edge of the City will be preserved as parks or open spaces. This Concept emphasizes environmental sustainability and green spaces. However, since this Concept anticipates less development, the City would need to find sources of funding internally or from other partners to complete many of the improvements envisioned around town.

• Old Town would remain as the main “CAC” or character district in Lafayette.
• Limited areas of infill development could evolve along Highway 287 and
around the industrial parks on 120th Street
• This concept assumes the creation of local shuttle transit services to
connect different parts of town
• This concept calls for the greatest number of trails and green connections
to parks and open space.
• In terms of economic development, this Concept in particular focuses on
helping small businesses and “green” industries
• This concept calls for the City to proactively shape how developments are
built and what they look like.